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Monday, October 11, 2010

Freddie Waters -- The Sun Is Always Shining

Freddie Waters started out in Nashville Tennessee in the mid 1960s where he sang lead for the Hytones. The group appeared regularly on the legendary  *Night Train," which lead to their discovery by producer Robert Holmes who worked as arranger for a subsidiary of the Excello label.
Together with  Eddie Frierson from the Hytones, Freddie recorded several duets as Freddie and Eddie, trying to sound like Sam and Dave.
Freddie by himself had a few regional hits, and when his records became wider known, Curtis Mayfield realized Freddie's talent and re-released Freddie's "Singing A New Song" on his own label, Curtom.
"Things began to look up as Ted Jarrett and Robert Holmes were hired as house production team for Audio Media recording studio in Nashville. Freddie was brought into the fold and landed a contract with October Records, a new (and sadly short-lived) Nashville soul label. The first single release "I'm Afraid To Let You Into My Life" was a regional hit and was soon followed by an album "Just Enough To Get Me Cool". Freddie was still bubbling just below the surface, unable to break through to the top." (See article.)
Starting in the 1980s, Freddie Waters, Ted Jarrett and Robert Holmes started TJ Records where he  successfully produces Gospel records to this day. 

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