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Friday, October 8, 2010

AudioBlog#13 Let's All Get Mixed Up


The Real Thing -- You To Me Are Everything (The Decade Remix)
George Chandler -- This Could Be The Night  (Special Remix)
Teddy Pendergrass -- Joy (Extended Remix 1988)
Manzel -- Midnight Theme (Dopebrother 7 inch Remix)


Tonton Décibel !!! said...

Hi , very great selection

I'm really like
this long version from
'The Real Thing "
a perfect time for me ,
about the fabulous
' Teddy Pendergrass ',
peace to him)
I'm hope you know the awesome edit from dimitri / paris
about the song from his first 77 lp
"You Can't Hide From Yourself"

if no, you must !

it's just terrific !!!

it's played this saturday night in the Scott M. show
on ' boogie radio"
where I'm partner

you'r invited
to came in the chat box now

and it's a pleasur'
to see my edit
on George Chandler here ,

merci a toute l'équipe ! yeah

Raggedy said...

Tonton, I hope you are not upset about seeing your edit here. I know I should write down from where I got the tracks -- but I don't.
I only put the music on my blog because I like it -- I don't mean to take credit for your creation.