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Monday, July 26, 2010

Eddie Kendricks --Honey Brown, You Loved Me Then

Friday night I went to the Balcones Heights Jazz Festival here in San Antonio which included some RandB tunes also. I was a little late to the show, therefore I caught only a handful of the first part. Believe it or not, but the minute I arrived, the band  Fingerprints began playing "Papa Was A Rolling Stone." My reaction: "Yay, I'm at the right place here!"
Unfortunately, this Temptations tune was part of the medley closing the first part of the concert. Just my luck! The concert's second part consisted of a superb performance by Cindy Bradley.
The intense heat and humidity, however, had me leave the scene early ... It was unbearable.
Since hubby is "on the road again," I had to go see the concert on my own. And what can I say, I met a nice lady, Pauline, who engaged me in a great conversation, making me feel less awkward ... With this post I'd like to say Hi to Pauline!

Because of the concert experience, I was so tempted to post yet another Temptations title today. But I decided to focus on something by Eddie Kendricks instead, since I'm currently getting myself acquainted with his solo material. All I can say is that I love Eddie's music. (Don't tell the Ruff, though! lol)

You Loved Me Then  has become a favorite of mine right away. Eddie's voice sounds as clean and crisp as it could possibly sound. In the second title, Honey Brown, Eddie is backed by subtle background vocals and a relaxed orchestra sound which creates a perfectly peaceful atmosphere around Eddie's flawless singing: the material of which memories are woven.
Like David's, Eddie's true talent never was allowed to fully show during his time with the Temptations, in my opinion. His solo material proves that he had much more to offer ...

Eddie Kendricks set the standard by which any falsetto singer will be judged -- like it or not!

 You Loved Me Then  (Limelinx)

Honey Brown   (Limelinx)

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