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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Randy Brown -- I love You Baby

I had planned a Reggae Sunday today, but when I came across Randy Brown's I Love You, Baby, I could not help but post this precious gem. It represents, in my opinion, all the magic the 70's had to offer in a piece of music. 

Unfortunately, Randy Brown's bio on The soulwalking site starts -- as so many others -- stating that "Randy Brown is one of the most underrated soul vocalists of the last few decades." I can forgive myself for not 
having heard much of his material back in the day: I was in Germany and all we got to hear was the work of such well established artists like Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops or The Temptations. But how in the world is it possible that in the states a voice like Randy's did not get the attention it deserved?
On the other hand, most "back-in-the-day" blogs (as mine) do ask this question over and again. I concluded a while ago that careers are similar to marriages: both need a generous portion of luck to succeed. For some artists, however, I do feel more sorry than for others. Randy Brown with his bright, contagious smile and stunning voice is one of them.
Randy was not completely unsuccessful, though. He was lead singer in the Newcomers, but left the group in 1973. His first solo record was released by the Truth label ( distributed by Stax.) After Stax had gone belly-up, he tried his luck with several other labels and finally caught the attention of Parachute Records with I'd Rather Hurt Myself, one of four songs he had submitted to that label. Parachute recorded an entire album with him; it is, as soulwalking claims "... perhaps, his finest album." I'm still getting acquainted with more of his material -- and I will let you know, if I agree with that statement. For now, all I can tell you is that the man has both a memorable voice and singing style. (At the ladies: doesn't he also have an adorable smile?)
While working with Parachute Records and the Chocolate City label, Randy covered many Homer Banks and Chuck Brooks titles.
Also -- just to underpin the believe that musical talent runs in families -- Randy is the brother of William Brown from the Mad Lads. 

Here's a double serving of Randy's singing from YouTube
Today's post I Love You, Baby is from his 1978 album Welcome To My Room This is a Must-Get album -- especially 
since it is available on CD.

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