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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freddie Scott -- Who Could Ever Love You

Hey you all! Yes, I am still alive -- not really kicking though. My house looks a mess -- again! This time it's not the new kitchen, it's painting the walls and getting the house ready for sale.
It is emotionally taxing, too. While I was cleaning out the closets and wall units, I found so many things I had completely forgotten about: memories, memories ...
But most of all, I miss blogging. The process of finding a nice song to post, hoping that it would be something you all liked, I noticed, is such a pleasant activity. But right now, I'm simply too restless to sit down and not do something related to the big event.
Well, this morning while I was scanning my favorite blogs, I found something by Freddie Scott over at Feel It. And I thought I could post something by him ... while I am listening to the music I've got by him.

My choice today is Who Could Love You from his album Are You Lonely For Me?

Who Could Ever Love You


Darcy said...

I've got some catching up to do with Freddie's output.

Hope your move doesn't prove too traumatic - and you just went through the upheaval of a new kitchen too!

Raggedy said...

Aw .. I'm gonna live! I just l o v e to whine and complain. I guess I should have been a Deep Soul singer.