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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gaturs feat. Willie Tee -- Sweet Thing

Alright, enough tears shed ... I finally entered into peace negotiations with my i-tunes library, and it looks as if we're reaching an agreement -- kind of what-the-heck,-it-is-as-it-is deal. Problem solved.
And because life is good again, I'll post some great New Orleans Funk by the Gaturs feat. Willie Tee from their 1970's album Wasted (Funky Delicacies, 1994). This is a fantastic album -- so get it. I would describe the Gatur's music as gourmet funk; the kind of funk that stays close to soul, adds a generous portion of jazz and never loses the touch of the blues.
Willie Tee was born Wilson Turbinton on February 6, 1944 in New Orleans.  Despite a long career in the music business, he never experienced the success he without a doubt deserves. For a detailed bio, please go here. He died September 11, 2007, only one month after his brother Earl, whose music had influenced Willie from early childhood on.

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